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School Staff

Senior Leadership Team

Head Teacher Mr C Reid
Depute Head Teacher Mr S Agnew
Depute Head Teacher Mrs E Hiroz
Principal Teacher (Inclusion & Wellbeing) Mrs H Chapman
Principal Teacher (Learning & Teaching) Mrs V Shannon


Class Teachers

P1O Mrs A O’Malley
P1G Mrs J Girrity
P2B Miss J Barbour
P2/3Mc Miss A McNeill
P2/3Mc Miss A Horne (Thursdays)
P3B Mrs H Burns
P3B Mrs R Millar (Fridays)
P4T Mr A Taylor
P4/5P Miss S Paterson
P4/5P Mrs R Millar (Thursdays)
P5S Mrs V Shannon (Principal Teacher)
P5S Mrs E Craig (Thursdays)
P5/6T Miss A Tinniswood
P6F Mr G Fryer
P6/7E Mrs S Easingwood (Miss Easson until Mrs Easingwood finishes her period of notice at Coldingham)
P7B Mr J Blattman


Eyemouth Primary School Inclusion Team

Pupil Support Teacher Mrs H Chapman (Principal Teacher)
Intervention Support Teacher Miss A Horne
Nurture Support Teacher Mrs D Knighton


Nurture Support

Pupil Support Assistant Miss M Windram
Home School Link Worker Miss L Simm
Inclusion Support Assistant Mrs A Lackenby


Curriculum Support Staff

PE Teacher Mrs V Royan
Eyemouth Cluster Inspire Strategic Lead Teacher Mrs E Craig


Non-Teaching Staff

Pupil Support Assistant Mrs L Tansey
Pupil Support Assistant Mrs K Patterson
Pupil Support Assistant Mrs K Moscrop
Pupil Support Assistant Miss M O’Reilly
Pupil Support Assistant Mr S Whitehead
Pupil Support Assistant Mr A Rutherford
Pupil Support Assistant Miss J Maitland 
Pupil Support Assistant Mrs S Strang
Janitor Mr T Hibberd
Cluster Administrative Lead Mrs H Blackie
School Admin Assistant Mrs J Buchan
School Admin Assistant Mrs F Wardropper


School Cleaning Staff

Cleaner Mrs J Lovell
Cleaner Mrs A Lackenby
Cleaner Mr M Young


Canteen Catering Staff

Cook Mrs E Stevenson
Assistant Cook Mrs M Dougall
General Assistant Mrs I Cunningham
General Assistant Mrs J Pringle
General Assistant Mrs K Murray


Early Learning and Childcare Staff

Senior Early Years Officer Mrs R MacDonald 
Early Years Officer Mrs L Watson
Early Years Practitioner Miss L Blackie
Early Years Practitioner Mrs J Frizzel (currently working in P1)
Early Years Practitioner Miss F Scott
Early Years Practitioner Mrs White
Early Years Practitioner Mrs J McCrae
Early Years Practitioner Mrs K Hogarth
Early Years Practitioner Miss H Simpson


Early Years Centre Staff

Early Years Centre Manager Mrs T Hamilton 
Early Years Centre Admin Assistant Mrs A Surridge