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School Improvement Planning

The main achievements of our school in the last 12 months can be found in our 'Standards and Quality report'.  Please contact the school if you would like to see a copy of this.

In summary, our key successes in 2022-23 included:

  • Increased opportunities for children to develop skills in technology and use digital technologies to support learning and teaching.
  • Communicating children’s learning journeys in ELC through a digital platform (Showbie) has resulted in parents receiving more frequent information about their child’s learning.
  • Improved literacy progressions which supported a 5% increase of children on track in literacy this year
  • Play pedagogy in ELC to P2, with a focus on loose part play, has resulted in an increase in problem solving, imaginative thinking and teamwork.
  •  Establishing a transitions programme for Early Level, which has resulted in almost all parents finding the transition process supportive and informative

The main areas for improvement 2023-24 can be found in our 'School Improvement Plan' Please contact the school if you would like to see a copy of this.

In summary, our key points for development this year include:

  • Improve outcomes for children in writing.
  • Creating and implementing a progressive outdoor learning experience for children (ELC to P7).
  • Embed Inspire digital technologies progression (ELC to P7).
  • Use of effective feedback to move the learning forward (ELC to P7).
  • Embed all nurture principles in practice (ELC to P7).
  • Achieve silver for UNCRC  (ELC to P7).
  • Improve children’s access to healthy snacks.
  • The learning community to be aware of what a growth mindset is and to see an increase in positive outcomes.
  • Introduce SBC #OneWay, which will align all schools across the Scottish Borders with the same progressions for literacy, numeracy and Health and Wellbeing

Improvement Planning Specific to ELC

  • Improved outcomes for children in numeracy.
  • Embed emergent literacy.