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Inspire Learning (iPads)

The Scottish Borders Council (SBC) Inspire Learning programme is an ambitious programme to ensure all children are equipped with high quality digital resources and learning. The aims of the programme are to:

 • Raise educational attainment

• Provide equality of opportunity for all pupils

• Create a pupil centred curriculum which will provide engaging pupil-centred lessons

• Enable children and young people access to the most up to date educational resources

• Raise levels of engagement, motivation and interaction

• Improve facilitation of different learning styles

• Support remote and/or independent learning

• Improve self-management

• Improve the digital skills needed for the future workplace

At Eyemouth Primary all children in P4 – P7 have their own iPad and children in P1 – P3 have access to a large stock to support their learning in school. We make regular use of digital technology across the school to enhance learning and teaching.


iPad support contact:

If you have any other questions about Inspire Learning or how your child will be using their iPad please check out the Inspire Learning webpage, which has lots of information, videos and Frequently Asked Questions:

For technical advice and support, please contact the Inspire Learning team at:

Please see the links below for extra information on Inspire Learning as well as the 'Home Build Instructions' to support setting up an iPad at home.