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School Vision, Values and Aims

Vision, Values and Aims

Our Vision for Eyemouth Primary School is to make excellence habitual so that all members of the school community value the importance of learning. For both children and adults, determination to succeed and 'be the best they can be' is at the heart of this learning culture. The values of respect for ourselves, each other and property; readiness to embrace opportunities which come our way and staying safe in everything we do underpin our philosophy.

We are fortunate enough to find ourselves in a beautiful setting next to the sea, where the environment helps us enrich our school experiences.  Using this, in collaboration with our parents and partnerships, we created our school vision: 'From the sea to the stars, be the best you can be', which permeates throughout everything we do

Our School Vision

From the sea to the stars, be the best you can be.

Our School Values




Our School Aims

  • Everyone is ready to welcome new opportunities in their learning and through wider experiences.
  • Everyone will respect each other, their diversity and the environment.
  • Everyone will feel safe and supported in an inclusive community.
  • Everyone’s health and well-being at Eyemouth Primary School will be our priority.

We are a Unicef UK Rights Respecting School where children’s rights are learned, taught, practised, respected, protected and promoted.