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Parents Zone

This page aims to provide a range of information to help you to keep your child safe online. 

There are links in the statements from the Safer Internet website (click each statement), as well as guides to help you to set up parental controls for the amount of time children are online, what they can access and some of the privacy settings for both Android and iPhones.  At the bottom of this page, there are guides containing information about specific apps or games which your children may be accessing.

Things change so fast online, it’s hard to keep up with what my child is doing.

Staying up to date with what children are doing online can feel like a challenge sometimes.  Click the above statement to find a few simple steps you can take to help bridge the gap. 

My child keeps asking to play a game, or download an app that I don’t know about. What can I do?

The easiest way to address this is to research the game or app before you download it, to see what it is and what it offers, e.g., in-app purchases, or connection with others etc.  You can use websites like Common Sense Media to check why games and apps are rated as they are.  

My child is asking for a new device, and I’m not sure if they’re ready for one.

It's important to think carefully before getting any kind of device for your child.  Not only can it be an expensive decision, it's also necessary to consider the 5 w's (what device, why, who, when, what they will be able to access).

I’m not sure if the content my child is watching is a good influence on them, what can I do?

Children begin to be influenced by the content they watch as soon as they are old enough to go online.

What does an influencer do and how can they affect children’s behaviour?

Influencers are people who use their internet presence, celebrity status, or relationship with their audience to affect the behaviour of their followers.

My child is keen to share content and make a change online. How can I help them achieve this safely?

Lots of young people are turning to the internet to talk about issues they're passionate about, to help raise awareness, and promote social change.

How to make a report online

Information to help you, if you need to make a report on an app, game, or website.

Find out more about specific issues

If you want more information about specific online safety issues, there are a range of places that you can go.


Please do check your child's device frequently to be sure what they are accessing online.