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Inclusion, Wellbeing and Nurture

Nurture at Eyemouth Primary School

At Eyemouth Primary School, Nurture is at the heart of our approach to Inclusion and Wellbeing. We strive to promote an inclusive, respectful and caring environment. A nurturing approach recognises that positive relationships are central to both learning and wellbeing.

A key aspect of a nurturing approach is the understanding of attachment theory and how early experiences can have a significant impact on development. All school staff have a role to play in establishing the positive relationships that are required to promote healthy social and emotional development and that these relationships should be reliable, predictable and consistent where possible. A nurturing approach has a key focus on the school environment and emphasises the balance between care and challenge which incorporates attunement, warmth, and connection alongside structure, high expectations and a focus on achievement and attainment. It is based on the understanding of 6 Nurturing Principles which have been adapted and outlined below:

The 6 Principles of Nurture

1. Children’s learning is understood developmentally (NP 1)

2. The environment offers a safe base (NP 2)

3. The importance of nurture for the development of wellbeing (NP 3)

4. Language is a vital means of communication (NP 4)

5. All behaviour is communication (NP 5)

6. Transitions are important in children and young people’s lives (NP 6)

Promoting Positive Relationships

At Eyemouth  Primary School we aim to make positive behaviour the responsibility of all. We expect the highest standards of behaviour and look to achieve this through our engagement with the UN Convention of the “Rights of the Child”. This promotes a shared commitment to respect for all in our school and wider community. Using a common language we wish to ensure everyone can fully engage with our vision and treat each other with respect, understanding and empathy. We look to our pupils, parents and staff to be role models in displaying positive behaviour for all to follow. Through the use of restorative practices, as well as reflection and mediation, we aim to resolve any issues as quickly and positively as possible. Our approach is consistent, feels secure and is nurturing, forgiving and encouraging. We;

• have clear boundaries

• encourage learners to make good choices

• recognise positive interactions

• model positive interactions

• ensure there are logical consequences

• set reasonable expectations

• accept and move on ensuring that all situations can be resolved

• we teach learners about emotions

At Eyemouth Primary School strong relationships are at the heart of our school. These relationships include: • Staff working with other staff.

• Staff and pupils working together.

• Pupils and pupils working together.

• Staff working with parents/carers and pupils

A Nurturing Approach

At the heart of our approach to positive relationships is our underlying whole school approach to Nurture. As a nurturing school, we recognise that positive relationships are central to both learning and wellbeing.