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Friends of Eyemouth Primary School

The Friends of Eyemouth Primary School is a group of parents, carers and school staff, where everyone is welcome.

The objectives of our parent council are:

1. To create a welcoming school which is inclusive to all parents and carers.

2. To promote a partnership between the school, it’s pupils and all parents and carers.

3. To help develop and engage in activities which support the education and welfare of all pupils.

4. To represent the views of parents and carers on the education provided by the school and any other matter affecting pupils education and welfare.

The Parent council is the “bridge” between the school and the parent forum (every parent is automatically a member of the parent forum). We have an important role in helping to maintain and improve links between all parents and carers and the school. We will also represent the views of parents and carers to the Education Authority via various consultations.

We have general meetings around twice a term, which are open to all members of the parent forum. We also have a successful events and fundraising sub-group, who last year raised over £2000 through some well supported events bringing together the school and the wider community. The money raised enabled the school to purchase the “added extras”, for example library equipment and funding trips, which enrich school life for all.

We all want the school to be as good as it can be for our children, however we do realise that not everyone is keen on joining a formal committee. So there are lots of other ways to get involved, like baking for the cake stall at the Christmas fair, helping at a fundraising event, or even going along as a helper on a school trip. We want to offer as many parents and carers as possible the opportunity to contribute in some way to their child’s school and education. We would love to hear any views you have about the school, parental involvement and any ideas you may have about fundraising.

For more information please email:

Our office bearers:

Chairperson - Carrie Haddow                                                        Treasurer - Sarah McDougal

Vice Chairperson-  Helen Craig                                                      Secretary - Mhairi Renton