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Curriculum Rationale

When a school has a rationale for its curriculum, it means that everyone involved with the school can answer the questions ‘What is it we want for our children?’ and ‘What are we going to do to achieve it?’


Why is a Curriculum Rationale necessary?

It is important to ensure that everyone within the school is clear about what they are aiming to achieve through the curriculum, which is the totality of a child’s experiences.

The Curriculum Rationale has been developed in consultation with all stakeholders including pupils, parents/carers, partners and staff. This works alongside our school ‘Vision, Values and Aims’ as we all work together to ensure our children succeed and reach their full potential within our nurturing school environment and beyond.

Our vision statement is:




We aim to provide a learning environment whereby:

  • Everyone is READY to welcome new opportunities in their learning and through wider experiences
  • Everyone will RESPECT each other, their diversity and the environment
  • Everyone will feel SAFE and supported in an inclusive community
  • Everyone’s health and well-being at Eyemouth Primary School will be our priority

We place a strong emphasis on 4 golden threads that run through all that we do and they are-



Stakeholders were consulted on the design of the curriculum and what makes Eyemouth Primary School unique. These comments were used to shape the Curriculum Rationale:

Children said:

  • Everyone in our school has a voice.
  • We are asked what we would like to learn, and our questions then come up in our lessons.
  • We develop skills such as cooperating, communicating, perseverance and are encouraged to contribute.
  • We set targets to achieve and use feedback to improve our learning.
  • We use technology in all of our lessons and have clubs such as the coding club.
  • We look after our local environment by doing beach cleaning and learning about marine conservation.
  • We celebrate our successes in assemblies and through getting certificates for star of the week and Mathletics.
  • We get lots of opportunities to develop our interests, such as golf, cookery, football, gymnastics and sewing during after-school clubs.

Parents believe children should be given the opportunity to develop:

  • Their confidence
  • Their respect for themselves, and others
  • Their emotional well-being
  • Their literacy skills
  • Their problem-solving skills and creativity
  • Their knowledge and skills in STEM (Sciences, technology, engineering and maths)
  • A healthy lifestyle
  • Their understanding of local, national and world issues

Our Partners said:

  • Eyemouth Primary School provides a huge range of opportunities, which is great to see. Continue to focus on health and wellbeing and embed health messages through the work we do in physical and mental health
  • Further promoting the work done by JRSO’s would be beneficial to children and families of Eyemouth.
  • Continue to focus on healthy food options to provide children with the best start in life

Staff said they want our children to:

  • Be confident individuals who are happy in school and show resilience when faced with a challenge.
  • All have the same opportunities through an equitable curriculum that is aspirational.
  • Feel safe with our school providing an environment that is nurturing, so that they can "be the best that they can be".
  • Have a curriculum that is relevant to the 21st Century, is stimulating and promotes a love of lifelong learning.
  • Know they are valued and have a role in society.

Eyemouth Primary Curriculum Rationale