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Week beginning 4th October - team building challenges!

P7 showed off their MASSIVE improvement in teamwork by completing a series of tough challenges during their final week before the October holidays!

One such challenge involved guiding people from one side of the gym hall to the other using only two crash mats. This was made harder by the fact some P7s were blindfolded - and if anyone fell off their mat 'rafts' into the 'sea', they all had to go back to the start! In addition, there were a number of nasty 'rocks' placed in the hall that they had to avoid.

Despite all this, P7B proved to be absolute HEROES by guiding their class team across safely, using their teamwork to guide across their blindfolded peers. They have learned improved communication skills - plus the importance of working together even with people who might not necessarily be your best friends! 

What a team! Have a great holiday, you deserve it! 🌟 😎