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    Published 05/03/22, by James Blattman
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  • Week beginning 7th February: Physics apps!

    Published 16/02/22, by James Blattman

    Using the 'Keynote' program on their iPads, each student created their own app to demonstrate their understanding of our physics experiments.

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  • Week beginning 31st January: gravity & friction...

    Published 04/02/22, by James Blattman

    Continuing their physics experiments, students investigated the forces of gravity and friction upon moving objects. 

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  • Week beginning 24th January - Poem recitals!

    Published 30/01/22, by James Blattman

    Primary 7 developed their confidence speaking aloud in front of an audience by reciting their Scottish poems as part of Burns Day.

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  • Week beginning 17th January - Magnets experiments!

    Published 21/01/22, by James Blattman

    P7B have started their Physics investigations by exploring how magnets work through a series of experiments!

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  • Week beginning 13th December: newspaper articles!

    Published 17/12/21, by James Blattman

    Primary 7 have created their own newspaper articles using their class novel Tribes!

    We first discussed the features of a newspaper, then drafted our own article using success criteria.

    We then reviewed feedback given and applied this to our redrafted final version on our iPads, using formatting tools to create a headline, columns and a picture with caption. 

    A very professional job by some aspiring journalists! 🌟 📰 

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  • Week beginning 22nd November: Sustainable School Designs!

    Published 26/11/21, by James Blattman

    'Build a Better Future' interdisciplinary learning...

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  • Week beginning 8th November: Wind Turbines tech challenge!

    Published 12/11/21, by James Blattman

    L.I: To gain an understanding of different renewable energy sources!

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  • Week beginning 1st November - hot seating drama!

    Published 05/11/21, by James Blattman

    Using the drama technique of 'hot-seating', students interviewed various characters from the novels they are reading!

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  • Week beginning 25th October - Emotion Poems!

    Published 29/10/21, by James Blattman

    P7B have been using the film 'Inside Out!' as a stimulus to write their own poems about emotions.

    We discussed the five character emotions - Joy, Sadness, Disgust, Anger and Fear - and considered how they had been portrayed. Then we thought about how we can use imagery such as similes and metaphors to help describe these for a reader.

    P7 then created some amazing poems which were redrafted using their school iPads. As part of this, we learned about line formatting, highlighting and colouring text, plus adding pictures to a Word document.

    The poems are now on display in school - have a look at three outstanding examples below. We hope you enjoy!🤩 

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  • Week beginning 19th October - NSPCC wellbeing assembly

    Published 22/10/21, by James Blattman

    All Primary 7s watched an assembly from the NSPCC focused on helping children stay safe. 

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  • Week beginning 4th October - team building challenges!

    Published 08/10/21, by James Blattman

    P7 showed off their MASSIVE improvement in teamwork by completing a series of tough challenges during their final week before the October holidays!

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