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October 2020

Your not so secret house captains this month are… Madison and Cira! 

Some not so secret news for our school is…

  • P1S have been learning about Autumn and creating poems about it too! P1OM have been acting out Room on the Broom  and making cups out of clay!
  • P2H have been writing stories and changing the characters as a twist on the Little Red Hen! 
  • P3G have been talking about their feelings and maths problem solving! ✏
  • P4O have been Rounding to the nearest 10, 100 and 1000 as well as a lot of amazing iPad work, P4T have been learning about the skull ☠
  • P5G have been learning about volcanoes and doing lots of volcano art work! 🖌, and P5B have been learning about tsunamis as well as health and well being work! 
  • P6F have been learning about Scotland’s land formation and trying there best in STEM challenges! 🏴
  • Both P7B and P7M have been looking to see how different amounts of water can change the amount of time it takes to boil which is a part of their exciting  chemistry topic! ✏