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Class Information Pages

Welcome to our class information and blog section. Here you will find a blog and information page for each of our 14 classes and PE lessons with Mrs Royan. 

Each class page will contain weekly home learning overviews during the January/February 2021 home learning period. Our main source of daily communication and where we set pupil learning from will be through the Seesaw platform. We will also be using Microsoft Teams to conduct live classroom meetings between pupils and class teachers. 

Pupils in P4-P7 have access to this from the Seesaw Class app on their iPads and pupils in nursery to P3 can access this via a website browser.

For assistance with accessing a Seesaw class and Teasm class, please contact your child's teacher via email - email addresses can be found within each class page.

Home Learning Pupil and Wellbeing Support

 The following web links provide helpful advice and guidance for supporting your child at home. 

1. The SBC Educational Psychology Service page contains links to support networks to help manage and support your wellbeing at home. There a numerous helpful support guides looking at all aspects of dealing with the changing circumstances that the COVID-19 pandemic has brought. 

2. The resources to support your child's health and wellbeing with home learning website provides a range of planned activities to complete at home. This included a range of resources to support feelings, staying connected, dealing with loss as well as activities to support the return to school.