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Primary 6C - Mrs Clark

Parents joined P6C for a PE lesson with Mr Levey as part of Family Learning Fortnight. Focus was on Health and Wellbeing and Mr Levey set up circuit training indoors as rain prevented us from going outside. Great fun was had by all and there was some good natured competition, mostly between fathers and daughters!

We're back and we've hit the ground running with the start to our Scotland Topic: Local birds and their environment. Our second day of term found us on camera whilst taking part in the RSPB Big Schools' Birdwatch. We were joined by Laura and Katie from RSPB Scotland, along with Cameraman Paul and Presenter Emma from ITV, whilst we did some 'spotting' in the school grounds and at Netherbyres (with kind permission from Simon Furness). Here are lots of photos to give you an idea of our day until our TV this space for the date!

Welcome to P6C!


Here are some of the things that we did during Citizenship Groups.

Check out our Superstar Olympic Passport Medallists! Great effort and congratulations to Abby, Jemma and Laura.

Our Story Tellers from South America were brilliant! They invloved us in their stories and entertainment.

September 2016

P6C have been working hard learning how to make Samba music. They all learned to play all of the instruments - surdo drums, tamborims, agogo bells and ganza ratlles. Their performance in front of the school was outstanding and they feel suitably proud of themselves. Next term they will be singing so be prepared for operatic practise at home!