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Primary 5M - Miss Marwick

We have started learning about Fairtrade in class. We have been looking at what is fair and unfair and have learned lots of interesting facts. This week, we have been learning about how bananas are grown and arrive in the UK.

Banana Activity

Today, we learned about the different people involved in growing bananas and preparing them before they arrive at the supermarkets here.

We were then split into groups and each was given the job. One group was the farm workers, the next was the owners, the export group, the import group and finally the supermarket.

We were then told that a bunch of ordinary bananas costs around 90p. We had to decide how much we were entitled to from that 90p.


The workers felt they should get 88p. The farm owners thought they should get 25p, the export company group thought they did so much hard work that they need nearly 90p, the import company could not decide between being entitled to 20p or 70p and finally, the supermarket group felt they deserved 45p.


Then, the real amount that all these groups receive was revealed...

We were shocked and surprised that the workers only received 3p out of the 90p. We also did not think it was fair that the supermarket got the most money.


Stay tuned for more Fairtrade facts!

Trip to Edinburgh Castle
We had a great day on our trip to the castle on Wednesday the 15th of March. First of all, we were shown some of the castle's defenses by a Redcoat soldier. Then we got to see some weapons and items that the Redcoats used. Some of us got to dress up like Redcoat soldiers, a carpenter and we even had Jessica H dressed as the landlady of a pub! Afterwards, we saw the One o'clock Gun being fired. It was very loud! Next, we were taken round by a Lowland Jacobite and a lady Jacobite. They showed us the different prisons in the castle where some Jacobites were locked away. Some of us also got to dress up. We had a Highland clansmen, a Lowland Jacobite, Bonnie Prince Charlie, Flora Macdonald and her maid. Well done P5 - you were all superstars!

World Book Day!
We had a great time during World Book Day. We dressed up as our favourite book characters. The list of characters included: Horrid Henry, The Boy in the Dress, Batman, Harley Quinn, Mildred Hubble from the Worst Witch, Matilda and many more! We also took part in a sponsored read-a-thon and read for one and a half hours in the afternoon. Well done P5M!

Big Drum Adventure

Click the link below to hear our class performing in our band on the Big Drum Adventure with Mat the Hat - The Magical Musical Musicians!

We have been learning about the Scottish artist Jolomo. We looked at some examples of his work. We talked about what we liked and disliked about each one and tried to justify our opinions. Then, we created our own pieces of art inspired by Jolomo. Take a look!

P5M's Sporting Stars

Huge congratulations to Benjamin and Ethan who both did very well at recent swimming galas. Congratulations to Jessica F who received gold as she became the under 14 Scottish Karate Champion on 2 October 2016. Also, well done to Evie and Kasey who came back with a huge medal haul from a recent Taekwondo competition. Keep up the good work!

Trip to Torness Power Station

As part of our context for learning on Energy, we had a fun day out to Torness Power Station on Wednesday the 23rd of November. We had a tour of the station and learned a lot of interesting facts. We also got to hear about how one of the reactors had to be shut off Tuesday due to seaweed blocking the water cooling function. We were not allowed to take pictures inside but here are some of the great places we got to see!

September 2016

P5M have been working hard on our context for learning about Witches and Wizards. We have been reading The Worst Witch by Jill Murphy and have also created our own witch and wizard characters and even made our own spells!


September 2016

As part of our health and wellbeing work, we have been looking at friendship. We have looked at different scenarios and have tried to discuss and solve problems. We created our own puppet character to help us with these scenarios.