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April 2016 - P4 and P4/5 Assembly

P4 and P4/5 held a fantastic and informative assembly for parents and the whole school on our recent learning in class. We shared our experiences of looking after chicks and learning about life cycles. Everyone in both classes contributed confidently, either by giving information about the chicks, sharing writing, explaining learning in numeracy linked to our class context for learning and even using ICT through powerpoint displays.

P4 and P4/5 have had an amazing time over the last two weeks with the chicks. They have learned about Life Cycles, caring for animals, classifying living things and responsibility. It was a fantastic experience being able to watch them grow.  On Friday they were collected and will go on to various farms.


On Thursday 3rd March P4 welcomed many parents into the classroom to share and showcase their learning around the chicks. It was a very successful afternoon with pupils demonstrating their understanding. 

Sharing learning about chicks with parents.

In art this term P4 have been learning about artists famous for their use of colour and shape. We used their styles to inspire our own work. Here is our work inspired by Wassily Kandinsky and Piet Mondrian.

We are very lucky this term to have chicks in our class for a couple of weeks. These eggs arrived on Monday afternoon but there have been no signs of any hatching as of Tuesday evening. Keep a look out here for Chick-watch updates.

Chick Watch Update! First chick hatched Wednesday morning...

We have been reading Gangsta Granny by David Walliams as our class novel. The book inspired us to write our own adventures about Granny and Ben. We used zig-zag books to plan, wrote the stories and received feedback before redrafting our final versions. They are all now collated into a book "The adventures of a Gangsta Granny". This wall shows all the steps of our learning.