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P3/4T End of term outing! June 2017

To celebrate the end of the school year, the class enjoyed a day out in Eyemouth. Firstly, in pairs, the children created fantastic sand castles on the beach for a class competition. After a picnic and a play in the sandy park, we headed to the swimming pool for a fun session. The children had a great fun using the floats, water polo and diving board. Finally we visited Mackays of Eyemouth for a well deserved ice cream. 

The P3/4 sandcastle champions 2017!


May 2017

Trim Trail

P3/4T have been loving the new trim trail and outdoor equipment this block on the playing fields. 

May 2017

Family Learning Fortnight

During family learning fortnight at EPS, we wrote letters home inviting our families into our classroom. We worked hard with them to design and create our own miniature gardens. We used our knowledge of plants from our current context for learning to create a bed of compost,  plant seeds and transplant bedding plants. We also used a variety of materials we had collected, such as moss, pebbles, driftwood and shells to decorate the gardens. Furthermore, we made very creative use of craft supplies and the woodwork area to add garden features like sheds, fences and ponds. 

February /March 2017


Our class context for learning has been William Shakespeare's Macbeth. We have had enormous fun exploring the story and characters through role play activities and used the play to inspire some great persuasive writing too. Towards to end of the topic, we assigned ourselves parts and filmed our own version of Macbeth too. We learned how to act, use a video camera and audio equipment. Afterwards, we created a DVD of our performance to sell to our families. 

Persuasive writing - Letters from Lady Macbeth

Persuasive Writing - Banquo's account of meeting the Witches

Persuasive writing - job adverts for Macbeth's King's Court

In March, we invited the whole school plus our families to watch our film version of Macbeth on the big screen in the assembly hall. In the week before the film premiere, we advertised it with eye-catching, persuasive posters, created in pairs. 

P3/4T's Macbeth Film DVD sleeve

December 2016 - Christmas Party

During our Christmas Party games,  the children decided to take part in a 'Strictly' style dancing competition. The children chose partners and prepared a short dance to perform to the class. Head judge, Mr Taylor, provided scores. After a tense dance-off, the winning couple were announced. 


The 2016 Strictly champions

The couples

November 2016

The Vikings

P3/4T have been learning about the Vikings this term. They have been investigating aspects of Viking life such as transport, clothing, weapons and homes. 

Firstly, in groups, we discussed and recorded what we already knew or thought we knew about Vikings.
We created our own Viking families and decided which Scandinavian country they lived in. We also assigned ourselves Viking names and roles in each family and discussed which Viking jobs our character might do. Finally, we created displays in our classroom for families from Sweden, Denmark and Norway.

In writing, we imagined our Viking families were getting ready to set sail from Scandinavia to begin a new life in Scotland. We wrote diary entries from the perspective of our Viking characters - Warriors, wives and children.

Click the image to enlarge.

P3/4T learned about Viking life at home. We looked at Viking longhouses and their features and the way they were built. Working with a partner, we created our own Viking longhouse models. 
P3/4T learned about Viking Longboats and life at sea. We discussed the different parts of the ships and discussed the importance of the prow being carved in the shape of a dragon's head. During art, we painted our own Viking Longboat pictures.
We have also been enjoying making our own Viking Longboats using construction materials during free play.
The class have also been studying Viking weapons. We have been making our own helmets, shields and swords using a variety of materials in art. Photos to follow.........

November 2016 


P3/4T have been developing their addition skills this term and applying a variety of mental strategies in games and activities. 

October 2016

P3/4T have been using lots of play activities during literacy lessons to develop their knowledge of spelling patterns and common words.

September 2016

We have been sharing and enjoying Roald Dahl's novel, 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory', this term in P3/4T. Inspired by the story, we created our own chocolate brownie bars. Everyone contributed to weighing and mixing ingredients, including using the electric whisk. Sadly, Mr Taylor was left with all the washing up. Afterwards, we wrote a set of sequenced instructions and designed our own wrapper. 

September 2016


During our focus on 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory', P3/4T used the description of the Oompa Loompa characters to create their own clay models. We had to use our hands and modelling tools to manipulate the clay and learned how to 'tickle' pieces together to join them securely. After they had dried, we painted them with appropriate colours. 

Roald Dahl Day - 13th September 2016

P3/4T signed up to take part in a live webcast to celebrate Roald Dahl Day. On the 13th September, Roald Dahl would have been 100. We learned about his upbringing and inspiration for his novels, including our class story, 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory'. We also took part in drawing an Oompa Loompa, guided by Roald Dahl's illustrator, Quentin Blake.