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Primary 1McG - Miss McGlashan

A huge well done to Primary 1 for putting on fantastic Nativity Shows this week - you were all brilliant!!

What an enjoyable morning in P1Mc


Well done to all the boys and girls in class today who were very grown up and tried lots of different fruits and vegetables even if they weren't sure!

Lots of children found some new fruits and vegetables that they liked.

Some of us discovered beetroot for the first time and enjoyed it!


We had a chat about where the fruits and vegetables grow and that we should always try and have 5 portions of fruit and veg each day.

ch       sh        th


We have been learning some trickier phonics sounds the last two weeks.


You could maybe practice the sounds and actions at home and even build some of the words that we have tried in class.


The boys and girls have been doing really well...



Some of the writing we have had this week...



  • advent calendars made using post-it notes
  • a star pupil certificate for a Mum!
  • a shopping list to help at home

A New Writing Table!


We have been enjoying our new writing table in class this week! We had a think about all the different things you might have to write... stories, shopping lists, letters, notes, posters.


The boys and girls have had some great fun writing for different purposes and using different materials to mark make.


We even have a post box where we can post letters to our friends and family.

October 2016

The boys and girls in P1 have enjoyed looking at witches and wizards for the storytelling festival in school. We made our own hats and went on an adventure to collect sticks and turned them into magic wands by using some magic glitter! Our buddies even helped us practice our phonics using our magic wands - maybe something you could try at home!

October 2016

Our classroom was invaded by little monkeys this week...

Luckily they were here to help us build words!!


Welcome to P1Mc!


We have been having lots of fun so far in Primary 1.  The children are enjoying using all the different areas in the classroom to apply their new knowledge and skills through play. Here are a few pictures from our classroom...

September 2016

We have started learning Floppy's Phonics in Primary 1 and are having lots of fun with our new sounds!

Children have been using the new sounds in their play and completing a range of teacher-led activities.

We have even started to build words using the sounds that we have learned! Well done P1.