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May 2016 - Family Learning Fortnight

As part of our learning about Gunsgreen House and the Smugglers, P1 have been investigating the sounds of the seaside. Through discussion, P1 created a list of sounds they'd expect to hear - waves, sand, seaweed crunching, pebbles, seagulls - and explored these sounds using their bodies and voices to represent each idea. In extending this, the children used a variety of percussion instruments create their own musical seaside soundscapes. During family learning fortnight in the school, we invited our families to join us in designing and making our own junk musical instruments, using inspiration from the percussion instruments we had chosen to use.

March 2016

P1H were fortunate to take part in a 'Generation Science' workshop in the assembly hall. Led by a team from the Edinburgh International Science Festival, the children learned about the  different forces that affect how objects move. The workshop included activity areas where children explored gravity, pulling, pushing and friction. Children were encouraged to make predictions and discuss their findings after each experiment.