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Here are a range of different tasks and games for you to try at home.  There is a mixture of skill work, fitness and games included for you to choose from.  Some of you might even be doing your own PE practices at home and that is also fine.

I would love to be sent photos or video footage of you trying out some of these tasks, or doing your own PE, so I can see how well you are doing.  If you would like to, please email them to

Some of these photos and videos will be used to collate a montage every Friday, which will be uploaded on to the Eyemouth Primary Facebook page......when you email them please state whether you would be happy for them to be included in the montage!  Mrs. Royan.

PE activities - May / June Block
Early/First Level Tasks
Second Level Tasks
Obstacle Course Challenge - Week 2 
Early /First Level P.E. Activites (P1-P4)
Second Level (P5-7)