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Home Learning Grids

If your child is asked to isolate due to reasons associated with Covid 19, we have learning grids which children can explore at home in order to continue with their learning.

Most children will be absent for one or two days while waiting for a PCR test result therefore the grids provide ideas to explore over the few days spent at home.  If a child tests negative, they can return to school straight away if they have no symptoms of Covid. However, if your child receives a positive PCR test result or have symptoms of Covid and need to isolate for a longer period, there is no expectation to complete tasks at home while they are unwell.

The grids are for Early Level (P1 and beyond), First Level (P2 and beyond), Second Level (P5 and beyond).

Pupil Wellbeing Support

The following web links provide helpful advice and guidance for supporting your child at home.  If you have any issues, please do not hesitate in letting the school know.

1. The SBC Educational Psychology Service page contains links to support networks to help manage and support your wellbeing at home. There a numerous helpful support guides looking at all aspects of dealing with the changing circumstances that the COVID-19 pandemic has brought. 

2. The resources to support your child's health and wellbeing with home learning website provides a range of planned activities to complete at home. This includes a range of resources to support feelings, staying connected, dealing with loss as well as activities to support the return to school.