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P6/7S - Mrs Siday

Primary 6/7 are currently learning about Religions Around the World.  We started off our learning looking at Hinduism.  Hinduism is a very old religion and originated in Asia.  Nowadays Hindus can be found across the world in many countries.  Hindus pray to a God, who has many different faces.  These Hindu Gods together make one God.  We have looked at Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva.  We also looked at Hindu symbols and what they mean.  

We are moving on today to look at Judaism.  Judaism is another very old religion and Jews can be found across the world.  We will be looking at their customs, beliefs and places of worship.  We will also be talking about the Holocaust and the suffering of Jewish people in history.  We will look at Anne Frank and think about walking in the shoes of a Jewish child during WW2.  

Looking at world religions reminds us of the importance of learning about the world around us, the people in it and the lessons history has taught us.  We are thinking about Peace, Respect, Tolerance, Love and Belonging.  

Welcome to 2017!!! 


The holidays flew by, and we are now all back at school. We had a fantastic end to last term and the children LOVED lots of the activities we did.  We seemed to be extremely busy right up until the very last day of term.  We enjoyed our Christmas Carols in the Church, a disco for P5-7, performing our Christmas songs at a whole school assembly and learning about the birth of Jesus at Christmas.  In class we decorated our room with paper chains, our tree and lots of beautiful Winter art.  We made stained glass stars and hung them on our windows to brighten up the long dark mornings and afternoons.  We were doing instructional writing - so we wrote instructions telling people how to make their own stars.  

We had another excellent term in P6/7.  We worked together as a whole class, in groups, in pairs and individually.  We remembered to celebrate and enjoy Christmas, while keeping a little time to remember why Christmas is an important Christian feast.  We hope you had a lovely December - we certainly did!    

Pupil Council 


On the 30th of September we had a coffee morning for Macmillan. Instead of coffee we got a quenchy cup and a cake each. They were really yummy!  We raised over £1000!


The teacher in the Pupil Council is Mrs Girrity and there are reps from p4 and above. Also on the 16th of November the Pupil Council hosted a jump-a-thon to raise money for Children in Need. In the afternoon everyone went outside to do different activities that included jumping. We had lots of fun and raised over a thousand pounds again!  So we decided to split the money between the Sick Kids in Edinburgh and Children in Need.


The Pupil Council are very pleased with the money they have raised lately and we hope to make some more soon. We will write again soon!



On Thursday two people from each class went to the office to meet with Mrs Wardropper. She took everyone along to the canteen. There was two tables already out for us to sit on. We spoke about washing our hands before making something. One table at a time   went to wash their hands. Mrs Windram told us that we were going to make shortbread. She said that the canteen ladies had already made the mixture to save time. All of the canteen ladies gave us flour and dough. We got a rolling pin and started to roll out the dough. It was splitting as soon as we started to roll so we used our hands to flatten it. Everybody had to share the different Christmas cutters. Everyone who was there put their shapes onto a baking tray to put in the oven. The canteen ladies put all of the dough into the oven and while we were waiting we went to wash our hands. By the time we had washed our hands it was ready so we sprinkled some sugar on the top. Ready to put into the hamper for the elderly people. At the end we were covered in flour.

We would just like to say thank you to the canteen ladies for all their help.


Wednesday's at Eyemouth High School


Every Wednesday three classes; Primary 6C, Primary 6/7S and Primary 7W will   either walk to the high school as if it was their own school, or others will meet up at the school and walk with the teachers and other pupils.  Once  everyone  meets up in the library they will split up into their four groups, each going to a different  part of the High school, The Science lab 01 with Ms Good, PE at the football pitch outside with Mr Leavy, the library with Mrs Reinsted and Music with Mr Sanderson.

This week,(23/11/16) for Music you just had to sing some Christmas songs then for the last five mins you got  to do any kind of music on the keyboards.  In the library you got to make a story.  You could decide if you wanted to use puppets and just draw a background or you could draw the story, I, definitely would rate that 10/10.

This week, for Science, we had to write a scientific  report on clouds .  You had to include a title ,introduction, key facts and conclusion. I would rate it nine and three quarters/10.  This week, for P.E, we did a capture the flag-type game. The pitch is separated into two halves, both with a corner and a bib in it. Both sides are labelled ‘red territory’ and ‘blue territory’. Both teams’ goal was to get their colour of bib from the other side, you can get people out in your territory but you can get tagged out in the other team’s territory. First to the most points wins.

Around lunch time for the P6s and 7s we walk back to the school. 

By:  Charles Alexander

Welcome to P6/7S!


Samba - September 2016


We have been working hard on our listening skills. We have been learning about rhythm, beat and following instructions.

September 2016

Congratulations in dancing and swimming for two p6 pupils!