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Excitingly, we are now live on Mathletics! Mathletics is an engaging and supportive online resource which we will now be using in addition to our usual numeracy lessons each week. Pupils will get a minimum of 4 tasks per week and will be given time in class to complete them but they can also be accessed from home! When tasks are complete, pupils can then play LIVE against people in our class, school or from all over the world. All correct answers build up credit which can then be used to design our very own avatars! As well as this, certificates of achievement are also up for grabs! Below is a link to the website and sign in page, have fun Mathletes!!


Miss Bell



World Book Day - Take 2!!


After a week of snow which meant that we missed World Book Day, we decided to have our own World Book Day today at EPS! In P6/7B, we had some fantastic costumes which included unicorns, princesses, Hogwarts students and our class costume winner - Gangster Granny!


We were very fortunate to have had the opportunity to visit P3B with Mrs Burns and not only read to the P3s, but have them read some of their favourite stories to us. We finished this off by having Mrs Burns and Miss Bell read an excerpt each to both classes from Harry Potter and the Philosopher stone. If this wasn't exciting enough, they read from the picture book edition, so we also got to see some of the fantastic illustrations by Jim Kay.


Well done and thank you to everybody who took the time and effort to dress up today, you all looked wonderful! Below are some pictures of a few of our costumes and from our time spent paired reading with the lovely P3B.


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P6/7B and Miss Bell

Curriculum Overview - Spring Term

In primary 6/7B, we have been learning about evacuation during WW2. We began by learning who would have been evacuated and why. We then explored what their journeys would have been like including what they would would have had to take with them, where they were heading and what life would have been like when they arrived at their destination. We then used all of this as a stimulus to write our own diary entries as an evacuee about their journey.


"I woke up this morning with a strange feeling in my stomach, it was like the butterflies in my stomach were having a very violent flight." - Lois


"The train station was teeming with people. I didn't know where I was going but I knew it was for the best" - Robbie                             


"When I arrived in Eyemouth, I could smell fresh air for the first time in my life." - Ben       


It was very important that we all packed our gas masks in our suitcases before we set off on our journey so we had a go at making some of our own. Here's what we made... 


Happy Halloween Everyone!


Today in Primary 6/7B we have been learning about how to create a tint and shade of a chosen colour (hue). We then used these skills and created some fantastic night skies which we used as a backdrop for our Halloween inspired haunted houses! 


"My favourite part was tinting, that is when you add white to a colour." - Nathan


"I have enjoyed it because you express yourself through art." - Monty


"I love art and I hope we do more of it." - Ebony


We had great fun creating our artwork, have a look at the finished pieces... 

In class we have been learning about World War ll. We first learned about the timeline of the war and what years the key events took place in WWll. After looking at the events in the years we then started researching the key events and gathered all the information and groups of 4 or 5 made a PowerPoint and presented it to the class. Some of the key events were Dunkirk, D- Day, Pearl Harbour, Battle of Britain, The Blitz and VE Day.



Welcome to Primary 7B with Miss Bell!


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