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Plastic... Fantastic?


This week in P5 we have been learning about plastic and the damage that it is doing to our environment. We have been talking about whether or not it decomposes and have put together an experiment so that we can see what happens. We used a Cola bottle and filled it with layers of different things. We used, soil, garden waste, vegetable peelings, plastic, newspaper and bio-degradable plastic. We made lots and lots of  layers then we sealed the bottle. We will let some time pass and then we will open the bottle to see which of our layers have decomposed.

Our table-top-rubbish-tip!

This afternoon the children were set a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths)challenge. Their Challenge was:


Build a tower using 6 large pieces of paper.

You can only use 1 glue stick and 1 pair of scissors.

Your tower must support its-self and stand unaided.

Who can make the biggest tower?


The children were also given the task of working effectively in groups, taking into account each others opinions and making sure everyone had an equal role.


As the towers took shape some children had to persevere and keep trying out new things to make sure their towers could support themselves.


The tallest tower was 86 CM tall. Two other groups were also awarded stickers for thinking carefully about the construction of their towers... Well done guys - your towers were amazing!  




Awarded stickers for brilliant engineering!

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