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Our Parliament Posters

We have been learning about the Scottish Parliament and worked in groups to create posters to show what we have learned. - Kayden 

Welcome to Primary 6S!


It is very nice to be back and we would like to welcome you to the Primary 6S page.  Over the year we will have lots of learners writing on this page.  We will tell you all about our learning, our targets and our achievements.  


So far this term we have started working on Wednesday mornings at Eyemouth High School.  We are going there for Art and Technology, Music, Science, PE and Library skills.  We are settling in really well and enjoying the range of lessons and experiences.  Our Primary 7's walk straight to the High School in the morning with our Primary 6's meeting at school and then walking down. We are very grateful to our helpers who walk us down to the High School every week - we couldn't do it without you!  Thank you!


We are enjoying our Technology lessons in school and have been building houses, bridges and recently vehicles.  We will then transfer this learning to the High School when the new Technology teacher arrives.  


In Numeracy we are working on place value, addition and subtraction.  We are working hard to lay out our work carefully and making sure that our units, tens, hundreds ...even millions are in the correct place. 


In Literacy we have been focusing our Writing on extended pieces of writing.  We are aiming to use our imagination to put ourselves in different places and positions.  We have written about EPS and what we would like to change in our learning; we have imagined ourselves in fantasy schools; we have written as famous sports people, authors and even vbloggers!