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We had very special visitors to our PE class!!!

 Welcome to Primary 5/6


We are enjoying settling into our new class and new routines.  


We are working on our Context for Learning 'Brazil' and have started by looking at what we know, what we would like to know and how we are going to find out.  So far we have concentrated on the geography of the country looking at the Amazon River and the Tropical Rainforest. 


We have a fantastic 3D display outside our classroom - please come and have a look! Which is your favourite part of the Rainforest?  The forest floor with the insects?  The emergent with the trees 50 metres high? Which animals can you see? 


We have been working on portraits and have sketched self-portraits and we have looked at the stylised portraits of Picasso.  We then designed our own faces in Picasso's style and sketched Picasso himself.  


We are looking forward to working with Bert for Rugby and Jon for Music together with Mrs Royan and Robbie for PE.  Lots to look forward to in the coming weeks...

Our First Term...


We had a fantastic first term in P5/6.  Our contact for Learning has been a comparison between Scotland and one other country.  After much debate and discussion we decided on Brazil … and have produced some amazing comparative work! 


We looked at famous landmarks in Scotland and in Brazil.  We focussed on Edinburgh and Rio de Janeiro and made our very own Edinburgh Castle and Jesus the Redeemer statue.


We studied music and compared Scotland and Brazil in terms of beat, rhythm, instruments, style and sound.  We loved our work with Jon Jacobs who instructed us weekly until we were able to record our own song!! 


We compared clothes and made life size models wearing traditional clothes from each country.  We compared the physical land and geography and produced some excellent maps.  


Our skylines of Edinburgh and Rio were amazing and meant we could see very clearly the different cities.  


Each week we used ICT to research key areas which we then used in our Writing lessons.  Our information reports were improving every week and we ended up selecting our own area to research and compare.  


Please enjoy our photos below and see if you can think of why we have included them on our class page....

Armistice Day 2018 

They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old:
Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.
At the going down of the sun and in the morning
We will remember them.


Always in our thoughts and prayers....




Our new Context for Learning has been hugely influenced by the Armistice Day memorials taking place in November 2018.  We decided together with Primary 6 next door, that we would spend a 5 week block remembering why we celebrate Armistice Day. 


We spoke about Peace, Hope, Compromise, Solutions, Negotiating and Friendship.  We have thought about the dignity of every person and the lessons we can learn from history.  


Our writing focus has been on poetry and we have worked on The Bombers by S Churchill.  We used her template to write our own poem.  


We worked on 'She's the Girl' which focusses on those working in factories in the war to make ammunition.  Again we borrowed the original template and wrote our own versions.  


Our classroom and learning walls look completely different now... We hope you enjoy looking at how we are getting on.