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Our table top landfills...

This week in P4/5B we have been exploring the impact of single-use plastic on our environment. As part of our learning, we have carried out an experiment to investigate whether or not plastic decomposes. To do this, we used bottles and layered them with different materials such as soil, paper, vegetable peelings and plastic. Now, we are going to leave our table top landfills for some time and revisit them in several months to see what has (or has at least begun to) or what hasn't decomposed. Wish us luck!


P4/5B and Miss Bell

3D Shapes...

This week in P4/5B, we have been learning to name and describe the properties of 3D shapes. We were introduced to the different objects and then given the chance to make some of our own using midget gems and cocktail sticks, it was lots of fun! After we made them, we had to present them to the class and describe our shapes, here are some of the shapes we made...


"We made a pentagonal prism. It had ten corners. It had 7 faces altogether, five rectangular faces and two pentagonal faces. It had fifteen edges. I thought the activity was fantastic because I like making shapes out of different things [Max]. I liked the activity because I have never made a shape out of sweets and cocktail sticks [Alisa]."

- Max and Alisa


"I made a triangular prism. It has 5 faces altogether, 2 triangular faces and 3 rectangular sides and it has 6 corners. I enjoyed it because it was a nice change."

- Madison


P4/5B and Miss Bell

See what we will be learning from now until October in P4/5B...

Festivals and Celebrations around the World

P4/5B with Mrs Baron


This term we have been learning about 'Festivals and Celebrations around the World'.  As part of our studies, we have been writing and following instructions to make dishes from all over the world.  Last week we worked collaboratively in groups to make 'Eid' biscuits which involved using our numeracy skills of weight and measurement. We also expressed our creative knowledge of Islam designs when decorating them and really enjoyed tasting them too!