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New Top 5 30th April 

Well done to these readers.  Keep it up!


 1, Melody 30.8 points

2. Lacey 11.3 points

3. Ashton 5.3 points

4. Alayna 4.9 points

5. Kadey 3.9 points


Some children are very close to the top 5!  Another quiz might be enough to get you there.

More Accelerated Reader News

Sorry for the delay in updating the class top 5.  Here it is for week ending 10.04.20...

1. Melody 29.9

2. Lacey 11.3

3. Ashton 5.3

4. Alayna 4.9 (new entry*****)

5. Kadey 3.9 (new entry*****)

Accelerated Reader News

Over the last few weeks I have been letting the children know who the top 5 are in earning points from reading books and taking quizzes.

This week the top 5 points scorers are...

Melody  20.9

Lacey  11.3

Ashton  5.3

Lewis  and Charlotte  3.6


Keep going with your quizzes at home and I'll let you know the top 5 each week. 









Website links for suggested sites to access during school closure. 



Free access for parents for full curriculum activities / worksheets etc…


Coding / ICT skills – clear online tutorials:


Writing skills / story beginnings to be continued (please select shorter examples for younger children)


Various familiar maths games:


Spelling activities:



You will see our books if you can make it to the open afternoon later in March

Curriculum Overview January 2020

Curriculum Overview October-December

The Turnip Field

Curriculum Overview August - December

This photo shows our first classroom display.  It is there to remind us of our school vision and values.  This is all our own work.
In P4/5B we have been exploring our school values through drama.  We made a Still Picture of situations where our values have been forgotten.  Can you work out what's gone wrong in each photo?
Our next job will be to think about how we can put things right again after something has gone wrong.  We are learning to be restorative.