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This overview and the weekly plans are a guide with some suggested activities. Please do what is appropriate for your family context. We are here to help and support. If you need any help or have any questions about the activities or need any assistance please contact your child's class teacher on the email addresses provided by the school via email. We will be checking our emails within the school working day and will reply when we can. If we can be of any help please don’t hesitate to get in touch.




Home Learning Overview P3 - May/June
Home Learning - P3 Week 7
Home Learning - P3 Week 6
Home Learning - First Level Week 5
Home Learning Overview P3
Home Learning - P3 Week 4
Home Learning - P3 Week 3
Home Learning P3 - Week 2
Home Learning Week 1 P3

P3 Home Learning Gallery

Please send us your pictures of things you've been doing at home and we'll upload them here to share with everyone!

Pen pals

Pen pals  1 Letters all ready
Pen pals  2 and there off
Pen pals  3 Alfie delivering his letter to Logan
Pen pals  4 Sean left a nice surprise too for Keir
Pen pals  5 Jacob all set
Pen pals  6 Sean received this from Jay
Pen pals  7 Alfie all pleased with his letter in the post
Pen pals  8 Alfies surprise sent from Noel
Pen pals  9 A hogwarts letter from Noel
Pen pals  10 Loagn chuffed with his letter look at that smile
Pen pals  11 Erin loved her gift and letter from Megan

Crafty crafts

Crafty crafts  1 some amazing crafts by LD
Crafty crafts  2 a wee bird box and feeder by LD

SpaceX Dragon launch

SpaceX Dragon launch 1 Erin eagerly awaits lift off !!!!
SpaceX Dragon launch 2 Keir with his own rocket.
SpaceX Dragon launch 3 Liam getting ready for blast-off. 10,9,8 .....
SpaceX Dragon launch 4 Can you see it yet?
SpaceX Dragon launch 5 Maybe if I jump on my trampoline !!!!

P3G Home Learning

P3G Home Learning 1 Noel enjoying sunshine
P3G Home Learning 2 Camping out.
P3G Home Learning 3 some super work
P3G Home Learning 4 WW2 inline work
P3G Home Learning 5 super job Noel
P3G Home Learning 6 great spelling Noel
P3G Home Learning 7 super maths Noel
P3G Home Learning 8 Cheery learning
P3G Home Learning 9 outdoor learning is best
P3G Home Learning 10 deep in thought
P3G Home Learning 11 tutoring from Dad
P3G Home Learning 12 working hard
P3G Home Learning 13 maths time
P3G Home Learning 14 geat work Sean