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Parent Council

At Eyemouth Primary School, we wholeheartedly support and encourage the involvement of parents/carers in their child’s education. In August 2007 the Parental Involvement Act became effective, giving parents new rights and Education Authorities new responsibilities to ensure that parents can become involved in their child’s education. All evidence shows that when parents are involved in supporting their child’s education, children do better. The Act builds on the good work that has already been done by parents, Schools, School Boards, PTAs and other groups.

The Act has three key themes:

- Learning at home

- Home/school partnership

 - Parental representation – the new Parent Councils

All parents are welcomed to be part of the School Parent Forum at their child’s school. As a member of the Parent Forum you will be encouraged to support events and activities at the school, get involved in your child’s learning and to support our school’s Parent Council and our fundraising group which is known as “The Friends of Eyemouth Primary School”.

The Friends of Eyemouth Primary School have generously supported the school over many years by raising funds. The financial support is of enormous benefit to all our pupils.

The Parent Council/Friends of Eyemouth Primary School AGM is held in September each year and parents (every parent is already a member of the forum) will be guaranteed a rewarding experience by getting involved in any way.

Parent Council contact: Carrie Haddow 

Number: 01890750327

Email: friendsofeyemouthprimary

For extra information, please go to the school Facebook page, title: Eyemouth Primary School