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See what we are going to be learning!

 Welcome to Primary 5/6


We are enjoying settling into our new class and new routines.  


We are working on our Context for Learning 'Brazil' and have started by looking at what we know, what we would like to know and how we are going to find out.  So far we have concentrated on the geography of the country looking at the Amazon River and the Tropical Rainforest.  We have a fantastic 3D display outside our classroom - please come and have a look! Which is your favourite part of the Rainforest?  The forest floor with the insects?  The emergent with the trees 50 metres high? Which animals can you see? 


We have been working on portraits and have sketched self-portraits and we have looked at the stylised portraits of Picasso.  We then designed our own faces in Picasso's style and sketched Picasso himself.  


We are looking forward to working with Bert for Rugby and Jon for Music together with Mrs Royan and Robbie for PE.  Lots to look forward to in the coming weeks...