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Community Support

The P7 Gardening group have been working with Shirley and Tracey who are Connect Youth Workers. The P7s have been working at the allotment and polytunnels at the High School and also the TEDDA hut.

A link to a helpful website for parent's and carers of Pre-School children.

Today we had our very special 'Clachan' assembly. The members of the Clachan group help promote the reciting and enjoyment of Burns Scottish poetry. They joined us to recognise and reward the P6 and P7 children who took part in the Clachan competition. The overall P7 winners were judged 'blind' when the judges listened to CD recordings of the recitals with no names provided for the children - only numbers! The teachers then matched up the winning numbers to the child who gave that recital.


To celebrate the 10th year of the competition the Clachan committee kindly provided new glass trophies which are very special for our P7 winners.


We are very proud of you all and the effort you put into learning and saying these poems.  Thanks also to the teachers and Jim Barrie who helped the children understand and learn this difficult poetry.

See our P6 and P7 winning pupils - well done everyone!